My Story

How I Learned To Help People Heal
When I was 9 years old I was involved in a car accident with my Mom and my younger brother. A drunk man driving recklessly suddenly slammed into the back of our car!

That day would change my life and my family’s lives forever, especially my Mom's. But believe me, we all got to bear witness to her pain and misery every single day for years.

After about 5 years, Mom was referred to yet another doctor, this time, an orthopedist. He quickly announced that her only solution to her prolonged pain and misery was back surgery and that came with a 50/50 chance that she would never walk again. Wow!

It looked hopeless and I felt helpless!

Then one day my Mom was referred to a chiropractor by 2 wonderful caring strangers. That was one thing she had not yet tried. To be honest, it was never even on the radar. After reviewing her file and x-ray’s, the doctor entered the room confident that he could help her get some relief.

30 minutes later, Mom appeared in the door way unassisted with the biggest smile on her face, one that I had not seen since I was 9 years old! In my mind, I had witnessed a miracle! I got to see firsthand that day that it was possible to heal your body without drugs.

Here’s what else I learned that day; I learned to never give up hope and to be open to possibilities. I learned that your answer can show up when you least expect it and in a way that you least expect. I also learned that you must take action if you want things to be different. And ultimately, don’t be afraid to ask for help!

I became a chiropractor, nutritionist, and health and wellness coach to help people like you experience a sense of wellbeing and live a life you love. With my continued extensive study in the areas of healing - body, biochemistry and emotions, I've helped many people who were stuck or ill achieve their health and wellness goals.

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